1.2 Cubic Meters


2.4 Cubic Meters


3.6 Cubic Metres


plus 3 x free kindling

4.8 Cubic Metres


Plus 3 x free kindling

Questions & Answers

What type of hardwood do you sell??
Our hardwood firewood consists of only oak, ash, beech, sycamore, cherry and apple

What size are your logs?
Our firewood does not conform to a uniformed size but we try to cut them to between 8″ & 14″

How many logs will I receive in 1.2cbm?
This one is hard to answer exactly due to the size and shape but we estimate between 300 & 400 logs

Why are your logs not priced by weight?
Firewood gets better as it drys but it also gets lighter…so therefore it is always sold on mass rather than weight.

Are the logs kiln dried?
Our hardwood firewood is seasoned outdoors for 12 months ensuring a moisture content of between 15-20%.  Our kindling is kiln dried.

What vehicle is the firewood delivered by?
Your firewood will be delivered to you in a ford transit tipper van rather than a lorry

Can you give me an exact delivery time slot?
Our driver will call in advance when loading your firewood at our depot, giving you 30-60 minutes notice

Can you deliver logs if I am not at home?
Yes of course! Most of our deliveries take place when our customers are out.  Just leave us clear instructions and a tarpaulin if required.

Can I pay cash on delivery?
All orders need to be paid for in advance of delivery.  We take card payment by phone or bacs.

3 free nets of kindling with orders of 3.6 cubic meters or more