Kiln Dried Kindling

Our netted bags of kiln dried kindling are the perfect addition to assist lighting your fire. With moisture levels as low as 10%, the kindling is a recycled product of our firewood easy to light and responsibly sourced.  Packed full to the top, each net is uniformed in size and cut to 6" to fit into even the smallest of wood burning stoves.

1 Net of Kindling

£6 per net

3 Nets of Kindling

£15 for 3  (or free with any orders over 3.4m)

Natural Firelighters

Get your fires started quickly and easily with our newly launched 50 eco-friendly wax coated wood wool firelighters. The perfect solution for hassle-free fire lighting.   With reliable long burn time our hand made, odorless firelighters are British made.  Great for open fires, wood burners, BBQs & pizza ovens.

1 Box Firelighters

£7.50 per box

3 Boxes Firelighters

£20 for 3